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Pandemic Histories is dedicated to promoting historical perspectives on epidemic and pandemic disease outbreaks, with an emphasis on the relationship between health, structural inequalities, and lived experiences. The project is headed by Esyllt Jones, with the support of the Faculty of Arts Humanities Research Professorship, University of Manitoba.

The site will also include a listing of ongoing archival preservation projects related to the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, developed with the support of Jo McCutcheon at the Association of Canadian Archivists. Updates on pandemic archiving are welcome — from public and private archives, public, university and college libraries, and historical societies.

Submissions are welcome

Submissions are welcome from a variety of geographical locations, disciplines and perspectives, from researchers and scholars at all stage of career, and in diverse formats. These might include: blog posts, textual or visual essays, book or exhibit reviews, personal reflections, virtual roundtable recordings, podcasts, and interviews. Submissions in English or French are encouraged. Please consider discussing your submission in advance with the site editor

Short essays (up to 5000 words) are eligible for submission, in addition to standard-length history blog posts of about 750-1200 words. If you wish to submit, please include a visual image in the public domain to accompany your piece, along with a short bio and your social media links. The site uses the Chicago Style Manual. Limited footnotes only, please!