The Value of a Nurse

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By Kathleen MacMillan, PhD, FAAN, FCAN

It may be that the pandemic is the last nail in the coffin of nurse exploitation. The health of the nation as we recover from the pandemic may depend on how we decide to support professional nursing services. Our ability to meet a similar challenge in the future will be significantly compromised if we fail.

Diary of a critical care doctor: Preface

By Sean Bagshaw

On February 27, 2020, I started a journal, not sure where such writings would lead. While I have written many scientific papers and reports, I had never journaled before … These writings also reflect my perspectives as a frontline critical care physician, as a scientist and researcher, as a medical leader and importantly, as a son of ageing parents, a husband and a father of small children.

‘Bring out the Burkers!’

Cramped and Squalid Housing Conditions, 1849, illustration, National Philanthropic Association, London, England.

By Ruby Appelhans

Cholera is a frightening bacterial disease that could become fatal in as little as twelve hours. Today, we have a better understanding of this infection due to modern medicine and technology,

Does Cholera Now Prevail?

Cham. Illustration Representing Cholera. Digital Images, n.d. Open Wellcome Collection

By Catherine St. John
After 1849 I had hoped to never see Asiatic Cholera in London again. The hospitals have been filling up with cases since last year. There’s been a substantial outbreak that began in Saint James’s parish roughly five days ago, and many are already dead.

On the Line: Love and Rage and Pandemics

By Esyllt Jones

One of my unfinished pandemic-era tasks has been to write a short biographical piece on Helen Jury Armstrong, the organizer of working class women, and the embodiment of love and fire in the Winnipeg General Strike. Here, I explore how the influenza pandemic highlighted her unique brand of labour activism.

Postage & Pestilence

By Cyril Gryfe

Postage stamps, with their mass reproduction and global dissemination, provide a means to promote awareness for a wide range of public health issues — nationally and internationally. As a consequence, reference to contagious diseases such as influenza, measles, whooping cough, HIV/AIDS, SARS etc. can be found in the design of many postage stamps

“Carried Away”: Alice Munro and History

By Esyllt Jones

A century ago, people living through World War I, the global influenza pandemic, and waves of social unrest experienced a world in turmoil. These world-historical events must have been interconnected, and those connections must have affected people’s lives.