On the Line: Love and Rage and Pandemics

By Esyllt Jones

One of my unfinished pandemic-era tasks has been to write a short biographical piece on Helen Jury Armstrong, the organizer of working class women, and the embodiment of love and fire in the Winnipeg General Strike. Here, I explore how the influenza pandemic highlighted her unique brand of labour activism.

Postage & Pestilence

By Cyril Gryfe

Postage stamps, with their mass reproduction and global dissemination, provide a means to promote awareness for a wide range of public health issues — nationally and internationally. As a consequence, reference to contagious diseases such as influenza, measles, whooping cough, HIV/AIDS, SARS etc. can be found in the design of many postage stamps

“Carried Away”: Alice Munro and History

By Esyllt Jones

A century ago, people living through World War I, the global influenza pandemic, and waves of social unrest experienced a world in turmoil. These world-historical events must have been interconnected, and those connections must have affected people’s lives.