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Pandemic Archiving

Future historians, researchers, and families will need records to learn the history of the COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of preserving people’s stories has not been lost on the many organizations and institutions represented below, which have instituted pandemic collecting and archiving projects. Sites about past epidemics are also included.

Many are doing this work without access to significant resources or adequate government support, and so doubly deserve recognition and appreciation for their efforts.

The hope is that this list, originally prepared by the Association of Canadian Archivists, will continue to grow and evolve. If you know of any pandemic collecting projects not on this list, please contact us through the site.

At the bottom of this page you will find “Pandemics Past,” some sites dealing with the history of epidemics and pandemics in Canada.

The ArQuives, Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives, The Queerantine Project – Call for Submissions

Athabasca University, “COVID-19 Memory Archive Project.”

Brock University Library, “Documenting COVID-19 in Niagara.”

Canada Covid Portrait.

Canadian Museum of Human Rights, “Share Your Story.”

Carleton University, “COVID-19 Archival Collection – Corporate Records and Archives.”

City of New Westminster, “Historical Documentation of Covid-19.”

City of Ottawa, Covid-19 Collection.

City of Red Deer, COVID-19 Collection

Concordia University, COVID-19 Collection

Dartmouth Heritage Museum. “Make COVID-19 History,”

“Digital Preservation Program and Covid-19 Web Collection.” (Concordia)

Dundas Museum, “Covid-19 in Dundas.”

“Hamilton Public Library: Local History & Archives | Love Your City Share Your Stories.” 

Ingenium, “Curating Under Quarantine.”

Italian-Canadian Archives of Quebec.

Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia, JMABC Covid-19 Community Collection

Lakehead University Archives, “COVID-19 Pandemic Collections.”

Lambton County Museum, “Covid-19 Online Submissions.”

Mount Royal University, “”Documenting the Pandemic: MRU Community Experiences of Life During Covid-10.”

Museum of North Vancouver, “NorthVanStories Living History.”

NBM-MNB. “Pandemic Stories,” (New Brunswick)

Ontario Jewish Archives, COVID-19 Collection

Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office, “Public Archives Covid-19 Project.”

Queen’s University.

Royal BC Museum and Archives, “Tell Us Your Covid-19 Story.”

Ryerson University. “How COVID-19 Impacts Indigenous Communities.”

Simcoe County Archives, “Collecting Community Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Archives.”

Thunder Bay Museum. “COVID-19 Pandemic Historical Documentation Project.”

University of Manitoba/University of Winnipeg, “Manitoba Covid-19 Outbreak.”

University of Saskatchewan, “Covid-19 Community Archive.”

University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS), “COVID-19 Collecting Community Experience Project.”

University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS),” “Documenting COVID-19 Related Work on Campus.'”

University of Ottawa, “Telling Her-Stories in Canada: Documenting COVID-19 in Your Voice.”

University of Waterloo Faculty Association, “FAUW Covid-19 Email Archive.”

University of Western Ontario, “Covid in London, Ontario: Capturing Local Experiences.”

Wellington County Museum & Archives, “Covid-19 Time Capsule.”

Pandemics Past

The ArQuives, Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives, “Canada’s Last Pandemic Wasn’t 1918. It Started in 1982.”

Galt Museum & Archives, “Pandemic at Home: The 1918–1919 Flu.”

Laurier Archives, “One Generation’s Experience in Two Pandemics.” [polio & Covid-19]

Ryerson University. “From SARS to COVID-19: Putting the Spotlight on Anti-Asian Racism.”