On Epidemics and the Arts

  • Imagining Public Health in the Early 19th Century
    By Julia M. Wright
    Writers with political interests, such as Equiano, Shelley, and Morgan, recognized institutional and cultural barriers to effective public health. Before they could see viruses under a microscope, they knew that more could be done to reduce the spread of disease.
  • Postage & Pestilence
    By Cyril Gryfe
    Postage stamps, with their mass reproduction and global dissemination, provide a means to promote awareness for a wide range of public health issues — nationally and internationally. As a consequence, reference to contagious diseases such as influenza, measles, whooping cough, HIV/AIDS, SARS etc. can be found in the design of many postage stamps
  • Pandemic Perspectives: a Conversation about Hamnet and Judith
    Literary scholar Judith Owens and political economist Lynn Fernandez discuss O’Farrell’s moving plague novel.